Toshiba e-Studio 2006 Коды ошибок

  • Code: C010
  • Description: Main motor abnormality: The main motor is not rotating normally.
  • Code: C260
  • Description: Peak detection error: Lighting of the exposure lamp (white reference) is not detected when power is turned ON.
  • Code: C270
  • Description: Carriage home position cannot be detected within a specified period of time: The carriage does not shift from its home position in a specified period of time.
  • Code: C411
  • Description: Thermistor or heater lamp abnormality at power-ON: Abnormality of the thermistor is detected when power is turned ON or the temperature of the fuser roller does not rise in a specified period of time after power is turned ON.
  • Code: C412
  • Description: Thermistor/heater lamp abnormality at power-ON: Thermistor abnormality is detected at power-ON or the fuser roller temperature does not rise within a specified period of time after power-ON.
  • Code: C413
  • Description: Thermistor abnormality during warming up or in ready status after abnormality judgment.
  • Code: C414
  • Description: Temperature of the fuser roller did not reach to "temperature for ready condition" at specified period of time during warming-up.
  • Code: C415
  • Description: No recovery even after one minute elapses after low temperature WAIT state is entered during a printing operation.
  • Code: C447
  • Description: While in the READY state, one of the thermistors detected the specified temperature or higher.
  • Code: C449
  • Description: High temperature detection error
  • Code: C452
  • Description: In the READY state, temperature differential error between the center thermistor and a side thermistor
  • Code: C4B0
  • Description: Fixer counter data error
  • Code: C911
  • Description: Toner IC chip access circuit board error
  • Code: C940
  • Description: Engine-CPU abnormality
  • Code: C950
  • Description: Error for distinction between engine firmware and MAIN board
  • Code: C970
  • Description: High-voltage transformer abnormality: Leakage of the main charger is detected.
  • Code: CA10
  • Description: Polygonal motor abnormality: The polygonal motor is not rotating normally.
  • Code: CA20
  • Description: H-Sync detection error: H-Sync detection PC board cannot detect laser beams.
  • Code: CE50
  • Description: Temperature/humidity sensor abnormality: The output value of this sensor is out of a specified range.


  • Code: CE90
  • Description: Drum thermistor abnormality: The output value of the drum thermistor-K is out of a specified range.
  • Code: F070
  • Description: Communication error between System-CPU and Engine- CPU
  • Code: F090
  • Description: Memory abnormality on the MAIN board.
  • Code: F901
  • Description: Engine speed error: The speed information of the MAIN board is damaged.

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